Heating Head Introduction

Discussion of HDR-0670 Characteristics

Discussion of HDR-0670 Characteristics

Example of Heating Head Usage

  1. Heating head maintains the pre-set temperature -- The amount of heat changes
  2. The heat moves through thermal conduction as shown in the red solid lines
  3. The amount of heat flow changes mainly based on the contacted media material and conditions
    Example of importance of conditions and media material
    Contacting surface conditions between the heating head and media
  4. Materials such as paper, film, card, etc
  5. Design suggestion based on the allowable temperature

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Heating surface anti-abrasion ability as it is made of ceramic
Sturdy Reduction of spare parts and maintenance work
Selection of suitable heating surface
Various heating surface for various purpose
Surface material - inorganic, metal, organic, mixture
Surface shaping
Real-time heating substrate
Heater and temperature sensor are integrated in single structure
Even temperature distribution
Heating substrate temperature control
Media temperature sensing
Boundary thermal resistance
Thermally insulated design
Prevention of heat loss
Efficient usage of heat
Concentrated heating of necessary part Pre-heating with excessive heat
Conduction Convection Radiation Phase change
Heat accumulation
Heat transportation
Suggestion of usage and development specifications
Succession of experience
Disclosure of technology
Suggestion-based development
Understanding of heating purpose
Predictive experiment
OA printer-related application
Erasing thermal rewritable media / Thermal retransfer printing / Thermal fixing / Reaction promoting
Plastic material processing
Sealing Laminating
Transformation processing
FPC soldering
Wiring connection
Pulse heating
Heating for repairing
Evaluation of thermal characteristics
Constant temperature maintenance function
Supply heat amount observation function
Mid-section temperature estimation